The Art Of Unsubscribe: 7 Keys To A Positive Unsubscribe


Diffusing the email bomb

It comes to no surprise that the most unfortunate part of the email marketing game is, far and away, customers unsubscribing from your newsletters. Each follower who unsubscribes represents one less opportunity to promote your brand and get more revenue.

So why should I provide an unsubscribe link?

Well, first, you probably don’t want to be breaking the CASL law which could result in a very hefty fine. What kind of hefty fine you may ask? Check out this article: 

CRTC is applying the law

So you need to provide an unsubscribe link for compliance. But there’s also another reason less publicized but far more damaging to your brand: it affects your deliverability. How’s that? Well it’s a  vicious circle: If you don’t provide an unsubscribe link to your subscribers, then they cannot stop receiving your emails. If they cannot stop it themselves, they will subsequently report your emails as…

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