Social Data useful for your marketing strategy

We’ve often heard about Big Data… but what about Social Data?

The Social Data is known as the practice of gathering data from blogs, website and any social media platforms. We’ve learned that there’s a layer of science behind social media, which could be really useful to the marketing strategy of a business. The key to get the science of social right, is to use the data in a meaningful way, after all, the digital marketing is about not having to guess anymore.

Social media has historically been a great conversational tool for businesses. It provides great and valuable data that can inform and support marketing data that we already know, such as; customers behaviour, theirs activities and engagement.

Here are some ways to use social data to improve your marketing.

  1. The engagement data can be used as a pre-test

Social Media is a good and inexpensive way to test some campaigns on a very targeted audience before investing a large sum of money. Some social media, such as Facebook, will provide you some analytics that will help you

  1. Trends on social networks

Social media allows you to have an immediate feedback on what’s currently happening on there. By keeping an eye on the trends topics of Twitter, per example, it can help you anticipate trends that really interest your customers at that exact moment.

  1. Social Data increases the value of your media spaces

You constantly collect some data from your website, that could be number of visits, number of views or impressions to evaluate the amount of your media space, and same goes for your social media platforms. Combine all of your data’s together and you will have a legitimate and accurate value of your media space.

  1. Gain a competitive advantage

Social data is the types of data that allows you to learn about your competitors and take advantage of that information to differentiate your company in the eyes of consumers. Using that data to provide better content for your audience, you will be able to put up campaigns, messages that will be relevant and valuable to your readers and every content marketer knows how important it is.


Our digital landscape is evolving and we have to be aware of that and take on that shift, with so many players out there you need to be memorable.

Use social data to provide your customer a meaningful and valuable relationship that will last.

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