Mobile Keeps Expanding as a Marketing Must-Have

Everything related to mobile has to be clear and brief.

Mobile marketing requires compact usage of space, the contents and the container needs to be concise, avoiding lengthy pages of useless content and keeping everything geared towards the sales. And that’s how your mobile marketing will lead to success.

Consumption habits have shifted, mobile aren’t just used on the go, but more likely to browse on the Internet. You can, and will, lose customers if your campaign is not workable on every type of devices.

Here are some interesting stats on mobile marketing:
1) according to eMarketer, mobile ad spend will top $100 billion worldwide by 2016.

2) What do consumers do on mobile? 99.5% access content/information, 63.1% access the Internet, 62.1% check email, 49.2% listen to music, 46% play games, 41.7% download and use apps, 15% make purchases and 15% read books.

3) Click-through rates for mobile ads have seen a big boost: 27% year-over-year for tablets and 26% for smartphones.

4) Mobile search queries (smartphones and tablets) are roughly 29% of total search volume.

5) Time spent browsing on mobile devices has exceeded PC usage.

In sum, mobile has a competitive advantage; it has increasingly become the preferred tool for work and communication.

The organizations that will embrace the shift and offer what customers really want and needs, will ultimately greatly benefit from the situation.


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