Why sCommerce will Rise to Prominence

We are starting to see ecommerce being done via social channels, the mobile 1-click buying options are spreading. It’s not just Amazon or the Apple store now, it’s going to be Facebook and Twitter as well. For brands that means selling on different channels. Instagram for the kids and Facebook for the seniors, good ol’ baby boomers have the money.

Customers will be multi-searching products, reviews and social reviews will be more integrated in their research strategies. This means social media isn’t just the childish thing older folk couldn’t understand, it’s going to be a main way we do business!

sCommerce will mean social will have payment systems, and be more sophisticated in its backend infrastructure. Traditional landing pages will decrease in importance, and authenticity branding will increase. Mobile means personalization, and with a proliferation of user generated content via social channels, traditional advertising paradigms will transform.

Channels like Email marketing with smarter ESPs will again come to the forefront. Millennials don’t care about your corporate website. Wake up, we care more about & judge your company’s credibility by your branding via auxiliary social channels. That means video content, so clearly sCommerce is intimately linked to mobile usage and eCommerce on the go. A mobile audience expects snazzy video content.


The marketing trends of 2015 are sort of all converging in sCommerce and marketing and sales converging with omni-channel customer experience predominance and Big data analytics tools and dashboards. Time to put the sales team to school and hire younger more data-science minded Marketing folk. Companies that don’t make content creation and social media mandatory for their employees won’t get a full ROI and return on resource of sCommerce. That is because of how content marketing fuels social channels.

Optimizing mobile access to eCommerce is smart and social is the inevitable gateway. Millennials are the most educated generation in history, it’s an insult to our intelligence to have to read your sales pitches on your websites. We will gladly bypass it, while maybe just checking your video testimonials & product videos and what people are saying about your brand and products on social channels.

Social platforms in the early 2000s have been how the digital world reinvents itself, and lame as it is, it’s what will proliferate sales. Branding must keep up with the digital community and connect more directly with customers than ever before. Better technology means greater personalization and serving the customer where they are located and that’s why social media ecommerce has such remarkable potential. We’re bringing commerce to the people, it’s an old idea and sCommerce will have its day.

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