Rise above the noise

Everyone and their mother are constantly overloaded with emails, informations, publicities, so on and so forth. It’s estimated that people see 5000 marketing messages per day, that’s why; if you want to rise above the noise, you need to tell a story and make yourself memorable.

Here are 5 elements to a great company story;

  1. Inspirations what’s the core of the business? What was the motivation?
  2. Challenges – what did you overcome? Prove that you’re built strong.
  3. Claims to fame – what are your assets? In what are you different?
  4. Accomplishments – what have you achieved? Where is your company now?
  5. Vision – what’s coming up?


You need to communicate a story that will lead somewhere and that will be worth the customer’s time. Stories are there to persuade. By communicating your story you will provoke emotions, entertain, relate to the customers life experiences and anchor information.

One thing you need to remember, STORIES SELL.

Still interesting about the topic of storytelling?
Watch the TED talk of Andrew Stanton: http://bit.ly/1KBk5pd

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