The Art Of Unsubscribe: 7 Keys To A Positive Unsubscribe

Originally posted on eFlyerMaker:
It comes to no surprise that the most unfortunate part of the email marketing game is, far and away, customers unsubscribing from your newsletters. Each follower who unsubscribes represents one less opportunity to promote your brand and get more revenue. So why should I provide an unsubscribe link? Well, first, you…

Social Data useful for your marketing strategy

We’ve often heard about Big Data… but what about Social Data? The Social Data is known as the practice of gathering data from blogs, website and any social media platforms. We’ve learned that there’s a layer of science behind social media, which could be really useful to the marketing strategy of a business. The key… More Social Data useful for your marketing strategy

Mobile Keeps Expanding as a Marketing Must-Have

Everything related to mobile has to be clear and brief. Mobile marketing requires compact usage of space, the contents and the container needs to be concise, avoiding lengthy pages of useless content and keeping everything geared towards the sales. And that’s how your mobile marketing will lead to success. Consumption habits have shifted, mobile aren’t… More Mobile Keeps Expanding as a Marketing Must-Have

Ecommerce Marketing Tips

UGC User-generated content is a priority in 2015, since traditional marketing and advertising is no longer that effective. New standards of credibility and authenticity requires you to have a mechanism in place to generate more trust, peer-ratings, audience-buzz and so forth in the form of ratings, reviews, testimonials, photos, and video blogs about your products and… More Ecommerce Marketing Tips